Comedy - Completed 2019

    • Year of production
    • 2019
    • Genres
    • Comedy
    • Countries
    • SPAIN
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Aritz MORENO
    • Writer(s)
    • Javier GULLÓN
    • Producer(s)
    • Merry COLOMER, Leire APELLANIZ, Juan GORDON, Frédéric FIORE
    • Synopsis
    • After arriving home to find her husband completely crazy, the young literary editor Helga Pato is forced to put him into a psychiatric clinic in the north of the country. On the return train journey, a stranger, to help pass the time, suddenly asks her: “Would you like me to tell you about my life?”

      He is Ángel Sanagustín, a psychiatrist who works in the clinic where Helga’s husband was admitted, and he is investigating personality disorders through the patients’ stories and writings. Ángel tells her the bizarre, sordid story of the worst clinical case he has ever come across, that of Martín Urales de Úbeda, an extremely dangerous paranoid, obsessed with, among other things, garbage.

      Martín Urales de Úbeda graduated in the military school in Murcia and was sent to Kosovo where he helped in a hospital for orphan kids. There, he met Dr. Linares and he immediately fell in love. Martín and the doctor started a relationship that grew little by little until she confessed to him a terrible secret: to keep working the hospital, she had to sell some of the kids. Dr. Linares wanted that Martin reported this situation as she couldn’t stand it anymore. Martín did it but he was treated as a fool, he was expelled and hospitalized in an asylum.

      In the train, Ángel continues with his story about Martín. The interesting part of that case is that all of that is not real. The truth is that Martín lied to his family. He never graduated in the military school. He hid in Murcia and started working as a garbage man. There, he elaborated a deep paranoid theory about the control the government was developing over society by analyzing the garbage of citizens.

      After finishing Martín’s story, Ángel says goodbye to Helga and disappears, but he has left behind a file full of stories written by his patients. When she reads them, she gets fascinated with the story of Juan Gárate, a young man affected by a weird disease that affected his bones.

      Gárate was raised in a nun’s residence. All his knowledge about the world came from the movies he watched and the books he read. Thanks to some complex steel prosthetics, Gárate could leave the residence and travel to Paris. It is during this trip that he met Rosa, a nice young lady with a small limp. Gárate and Rosa fell in love under the Eiffel Tower and rapidly, they look for a moment to be alone in a hotel room. There, Gárate tried to use the theories learned from poets, writers and film directors. The disaster was epic, as it was expected.

      Helga feels identified with this story and tries to publish it with the other cases that Ángel had forgotten in the train.

      With that objective, Helga starts the search of Ángel. But her investigation led her to discover that the man she met in the train wasn’t Ángel Sanagustín but Martín Urales de Úbeda.

      Irremediably trapped, Helga follows the trail of Martín, looking for a surprising ending.