Historical - Development 1917

If they can’t abolish slavery peacefully should they resort to violence? Freddy and John Brown agree to differ. But Freddy fights in print, helped by Julia. Brave Harriet returns to rescue her husband but he has remarried. They run an Underground Railroad station. Will Harriet & Julia find love?

    • Year of production
    • 1917
    • Genres
    • Historical, Romance, Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 10 - 25 M$
    • Duration
    • 120 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Jenni CORNER
    • Writer(s)
    • Jenni CORNER
    • Producer(s)
    • Steve CLARK HALL (Skyline), Jenni CORNER (The Wave Arts and Media)
    • Synopsis
    • Freddy visits John Brown. They argue over the use of violence in the course of freedom. Freddy meets Harriet who John calls Colonel T.
      There is a violent raid at Harpers Ferry led by John Brown. Freddy’s name has been associated with John Brown and so, at the advice of Lloyd, he flees to Canada and forthwith returns to England, where once again he tours England & Ireland giving lectures about Slavery. He stays with Anna and Henry R. Anna has raised funds to buy him his freedom and purchases him from his enslavers.
      There is a celebration in Newcastle at the R’s house at which Freddy meets Julia, who supports Freddy’s plan to start up his own newspaper. Joseph C agrees to fund this and so Julia G, her sister and her sister’s husband follow Freddy to help him and his family. In order not to step on Lloyd’s territory they move to Rochester, where Julia helps him set up a printing press and run his own newspaper. Meanwhile her sister and sister’s husband educate his children and support the abolitionist cause. She tries to educate Freddy’s wife Anna but although she tries, she fails to learn to write and we realise she is dyslexic. She does not have much time because she is running a house in which fugitive slaves are continually passing through & Freddy and family are helping them to escape to Canada, where they can be free. One of their conductors of this Underground Railroad is Harriet.

      Tensions arise because Julia G, a white woman, is seen arm in arm with a black man. Freddy and Anna’s oldest child, Rosetta, is suspicious of Julia because she fears she will take away her father, but she is reassured. In response to criticism a letter is written by one of the children for her mother Anna confirming that there is nothing going on between her husband & Julia. Then it is said that Anna can’t have written it because she is illiterate. The family and Julia laugh Rosetta swears that her children will be free to lead an ordinary educated life so they never have to suffer what her family have suffered. They speculate about whether is a matter of Lloyd’s jealousy because Freddy has initiated a successful Abolitionist newspaper or whether it’s a case of sexism.

      Harriet bravely crosses the country to free her husband, dressing up as an old woman and passing her old master to reach her husband, only to find him with a new pregnant wife. He doesn’t want to escape with Harriet so she frees a large group of her family members. She returns to Thomas G who warns her that there are police at the bridge into free country of the North. So Thomas sends builders across the bridge from the other side, singing, & returns with the fugitives under their bricks and tools. They stay at Freddy’s.

      Julia becomes involved in their work on the Underground Railroad and helps usher fugitives to Canada, where she & Harriet fall in love. One of the fugitives, Jim, has been depressed but when he sees the Victoria Falls he he sings ! Julia marries in UK, Harriet marries USA
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Oct 29, 2017
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