Thriller - Development 2018

An assassin finishes up one last hit and sets out on Route 66. A young woman asks to join him and slowly begins to unravel his secrets as he trains her in an ancient martial arts technique. “A Storm to Come” is the final modern day journey of Ulysses from Homer's The Odyssey.

    • Year of production
    • 2018
    • Genres
    • Thriller, Drama
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Synopsis
    • Ulysses trains his sights on a hotel balcony. Behind him the sun dips into the Pacific Ocean and night settles over the city. He takes in a purposeful inhale and when his target leans on the rail and is lined up in his sights, squeezes the trigger for the final time. The man’s body slumps to the floor, bodyguards rush in to find their boss dead, and Ulysses is long gone.
      He heads east on Route 66, stopping along the way in small towns and quaint motels. Ulysses steps into a small town bar where he is approached by Athena, a young woman with wit and charm and after brief banter Ulysses is burned into her mind. Suddenly, her hometown looks small, the men she dates beneath with, her life lacking substance. She follows Ulysses back to his hotel and on impulse. She’s not sure what it is, but the mixture of fear and attraction are enough to make her ask to join him on his trip. I’m not the best way to get to where you’re going, Ulysses warns her, but she is determined.
      They head out the endless highway. Athena guides him to mesas and canyons, parks and lakes and slowly earns his trust. It takes him time but this strange beautiful creature manages to open in his heart something he thought he lost a long time ago. Athena watches Ulysses practices Muay Chai – an ancient martial arts technique and asks if he will teach her.
      They snake their way toward the Atlantic Ocean. They camp at night and share motel rooms, time passes and country crossed, but Ulysses and Athena are not alone. They are being followed. People have come out of Ulysses past to chases them and it becomes clear to Athena that there’s a dark side to her companion turned mentor. Slowly his past love and profession begins to unfold. Remarkably, Athena - the stranger turned pupil - helps him heal as he sets on his final journey to a magical place along the coast that holds a place in his heart.