Documentary - Development 2015

An actor who is preparing the stage play The Double Bass by Patrick Süskind will become the reason to find out if the vocation exists or if the selection of an instrument it is a life sentence. These answers will be revealed by musicians who have chosen the double bass for a living.

    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • Documentary, Musical
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • GERMAN, Other
    • Budget
    • 0.3 - 0.6 M$
    • Duration
    • 80 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Maria GORGUES, Miguel MELLADO
    • Writer(s)
    • Maria GORGUES, Miguel MELLADO
    • Producer(s)
    • Marc CASES (Alicorn Films)
    • Synopsis
    • 41,2 Hertz is the lowest musical note frequency that plucks in a double bass. The lowest musical note among all the musical notes heard when an orchestra plays. Barely audible by the human ear. Literally would sound like this: PZRRRRRR (pinch the tongue between the lips and blow)
      There are two worlds inside the double bass. The one described by Patrick Süskind in his monologue The Double Bass, where the musicians regret to have chosen this unpleasant instrument. An instrument rejected by musicians and music-lovers and sentenced to be placed at the back of the orchestra.
      This is the text to be faced by the actor and the documentary will follow him once he has agreed to take part in the theatrical production.
      On the other hand there are the rest of double bass players very pleased to have chosen this bulky, hyperbolic instrument, which you can embrace as a friend and gives back the hug in shape of vibrations.
      The documentary will follow the process of preparing the text, the dramatization, the rehearsals, etc. always from the actor point of view. Süskind's The Double Bass is a monologue many times performed around the world. It is one act play (of an hour and more) with just one actor and one set. An interior journey of a character and his fellow companion: the double bass, to which often sees as damnation.
      The guest musicians that will collaborate in this documentary will be the counterpoint to the sarcastic and tempestuous speech of the character created by Süskind. But not only this
      The actor of national or international significance (waiting for confirmation)
      Musicians’ selection (double bass players) with a wide variety of styles from classical music (as the Süskind's main character) to jazz, through flamenco, ethnic music, etc.
      Like the character created by Süskind who moves between his musical microcosm and his personal circumstances each musician has his own story behind. Our guests not only will be answering the annoyed character, but also will talk about his musical career and his live next to the double bass. We invite them to explain us the story that determinates their destiny as musicians. Personal stories that maybe have to do with fate, exile, love, need, search, revelation, resistance and passion.
      Musicians part of the first assortment:
      Gary Karr (Los Angeles, 1941), classical double bass virtuoso and teacher. One of the first classical musicians to featured as a soloist and "heir" of the Russian virtuoso Serguéi Kusevitski. Bass double passionate, child prodigy (ground-breaking and heterodox at the same time), his vision of music is full of humor and sensuality
      Jonathan Camps (Barcelona, 1972), classical double bass at OBC and teacher at l’ESMUC. Organizer of Barcelona Bass Meeting. Teacher and double bass activist. Showman. Symphonic ensemble musician and soloist. Supports contemporary musical compositions.
      Giulia Valle (San Remo, Italia, 1974) classical double bass player and composer. Teacher. Leader of several jazz bands (Giulia Valle Group, Giulia Valle Trio, among others). Brings the female point of view in a male traditional field (jazz, leadership). The experimentation, the improvisation. International projection
      Bozo Paradzik (Sarajevo, 1964) classical double bass virtuoso and teacher. Known around the world as an educator. Perfectionist, Professor at Fribug (Germany). Expert. Great deal of experience in master classes
      Uxía Martínez-Botana (A Coruña, 1988) classical double bass player. Further training in Amsterdam. Touring with Kremerata Báltica. Member of Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht. As a soloist plays sit in a chair. Precocious talent. Ancient instruments. Contemporary artistic creation. Versatility
      Renaud Garcia-Fons, (Paris, 1962), double bass player and composer of Catalan origin. A talented phenomenon that masters multitude of musical registers. Plays with a five strings double bass. Amazing sound. Flamenco. Asian music. Experimentation
      Frano Kakarigi (Dubrovnik, Croatia, 1954), Croatian double bass player (Dubrovnik), soloist of Orquesta Ciudad de Granada and composer. Full of life, devoted to new generations of musicians. Perfectionist and heterodox. In love with Andalusia. Soloist and teacher of a symphonic ensemble. Knowledge in opera
      Ton (11 years old) and Ione (10 years old) , double bass students
      Luthiers exclusively working with the double bass:
      Harriet Kjaer, Danish settled in Barcelona. Precocious vocation. Cosmopolitan. Perfectionist. Tradition. Spirit of adventure
      Jean Auray, Luther from Lyon, creator of the detachable double bass.
      The double bass is an instrument placed at the end back of the orchestra but how the Ride of the Valkyries would be without this instrument? Would we remember the shower scene from Psycho without the powerful violin, cello or double bass staccatos composed by Bernard Hermann? Or would we have the same amount of anxiety in the subjective camera scenes of Shark without a double bass sound?
      Above all, 41,2 Hertz will be a documentary of people in love with their instruments where the music will be always the main character linking the two worlds: theatrical fiction and the day to day life of these musicians that don't know if they chose the instrument or on the contrary was the double bass who seduces them forever
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Apr 01, 2015
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