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Production Company


RECYCLED FILMS is an international film & tv production company. Its main goal is to achieve an entertainment result using the most updated media platforms for delivering a product to a specific audience or client. In every requested product, the company’s starting point is to understand the target and to plan the project accordingly, through thinktanking, collective market research and creatively solving all problems in every kind of production. These preliminar stages meet the production company’s main idea which is the case studies analysis involving last century’s major art craft: moviemaking, and hence, “recycled films“. In film or video, the company’s structure is shaped to create all kinds of products no matter the challenges at hand in the production. The creative process used by the company is designed to make sure that the product creator’s vision is respected and ultimately in the market.


The international theatrical exhibition, TV, DVD and VOD rights for Recycled Films' latest long-feature "My Engine's Fragile Sound", written and directed by first-timer Leonardo Antonio, are for sale. The production company's objective at the moment is to promote the film at several international film markets, such as Marché Du Film, and to get in touch with international distribution companies from all over the world, not only to sell the film's rights but also to initiate business contacts in order to develop future projects and cooperations, as well as co-productions. Recycled Films is going a long way to make its first long-feature film, completely self-financed, a success all over the world.