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The Spanish company Milimetros Feature Animation Studios is focused in making quality animated films and TV series aiming to children, teenagers and general audiences. The company, run by the experienced Angel Izquierdo and Antonio Zurera, has been working in the animation field for over 30 years, providing animation services to an international level, for Gaumont at ASTÉRIX, LA SURPRISE DE CÉSAR and ASTÉRIX ET LES BRÉTONS, for Hahnfilm at BENJAMÍN BLÜMCHEN and for MGM Animation at THE PINK PANTHER just to mention a few. In 2002 Milimetros starts making in-house productions and DRAGON HILL, their first film, was awarded with the Spanish Film Academy GOYA for Best Animated Film and a nomination for Best Song. Now, they have produced to new features, THE MAGIC CUBE and RH+, THE VAMPIRE OF SEVILLE . Milímetros is considered one of the most important Spanish animations companies thus, it was awarded for its career at the Cartoon Movie Tributes (Postdam) in 2003. In the field of services M


*We're looking for experienced theatrical and video distributors as well as broadcasters for acquiring and distributing our completed feature films: DRAGON HILL, a feature of adventures which aims kids from 4 to 10, that was a blockbuster in Spain & and a completely success at the Netherlanden box office. Moreover it was sold to fifthteen European countries, and it deserved the MEDIA SUPPORT for theatrical distribution. Sells record in Spain and Portugal (dvd hold by Universal Pictures). The MAGIC CUBE, sequel of Dragon Hill, and sold like it to more than 77 countries. And also "RH+ THE VAMPIRE OF SEVILLE", which has been recently nominated for the GOYA 2009, and won the Audience Prize in the Fantasy World Wide Film Festival of Toronto given by the public, being also finalist in SICAF '08. *We are also going to fininsh in the end of February "THE ADVENTURES OF DON QUIXOTE", supported by the Ministry of culture and the Cervantes' Institute. An intelligent and entertaining adaptation of the book, already doing presells. *We also search for co-producers for the next production in development: “The Heart of the Oak”a comedy-adventures film ( 80’) for children up to nine, entirely produced in 3D CGI. It will be the third film of sales and public successful “Dragon Hill’s saga”: New spectacular adventures, fun, impressive scenes and friendship values between our young dragon Elfy and little Kevin. *In the field of services we look for long experienced producers involved in the production of series or feature films to provide services to.