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The company was founded in 1992 by Deana Jakubiskova as the CEO and Juraj Jakubisko as the Art Director. Jakubisko Film specializes in unique film and TV production which combines the artistic type of movies with the visiting numbers of blockbusters. To date, Jakubisko Film has produced four full-length feature films from which two became blockbusters in Czech & Slovak Republic, seven documentaries and two TV series. After the huge success of the film Bathory, Jakubisko Film evolved into a producer, that is able to bring the most interesting historical events to the screen with the unique characterization that has marked all Jakubisko Film projects. A sensibility that combines magical storytelling and historical honesty at the same time thanks to Juraj Jakubisko – the master of magical realism.


Jakubisko Film is currently in development on several projects, including two full-length movies and one TV series. In Cannes we are willing to find the co-producers and start negotiating pre-sale agreements for our major project "The Forgotten Epic". "The Forgotten Epic" is the leading project, an epic film detailing the rise of the Slavs in Europe in the 9th century and the founding of the first Slavic kingdom - Great Moravia. We are mainly interested in Slavic country partners who would have a natural interest for the projects, e.g. Russia, Ukraine and Poland. Norway already joined the project as co-producer and we are also interested in locating an USA partner due to our willingness to use international cast. Our second full length project "M.R. Stefanik" is a movie project about the famous Slovak astronomer, diplomat, politician and general. Lastly the blockbuster "Bathory" is being developed as a three part series for television with a planned release by the end of the year.