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Hollywood Film Market is currently the biggest film business platform connecting Hollywood independent movies and all the different film investors, distributors, and sponsors from all the countries especially in Asia area like China, Singapore,Malaysia, Thailand. Andy, the founder of the platform, has utilized his extensive investment and distribution resources in different countries to help thousands of Hollywood independent filmmakers to find funding and distribution channels. In addition, he has also helped different genres of independent films to not only break even with their film budget, but also earn 3 to 5 times more profit through box office. Every month, this platform receives hundreds of independent films that have good screenplay, high quality, great cinematography, and are well produced. All these films will go through a group of judges that have been working in the industry for more than 10 years to receive a score based on the quality of the script, acting, directing, cinematography, film overarching concept, and post-production. Based on the scoring, the judges will select 50 to 100 films that fit their criteria for their collection database. Once the films are chosen to be in the database, the platform will sort them based on the scoring and starting pitching them starting with the highest score to the long-term collaborating investors and distributors. Through Hollywood Film Market's extensive and unlimited investment resources and distribution channels, there have been tens of thousands of Hollywood independent films been sold to all different countries' online platform, independent movie theaters and TV channels that earned those independent filmmakers a great profit. In the meantime, there have also been almost 100 films that have been recommended strongly to film investors through our platform and been selected to be shot into sequels that all had at least 5M dollars budget or more and all have earned a great profit as well after being distributed to online platform, TV channels, and movie theaters.