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Film Commission

Film Fund


The Colombian Film Commission offers the following services: • Inform producers and directors interested in Colombia of the best possibilities and alternatives for their projects in terms of logistics, locations, accommodations, Colombian talent, authorizations, contacts, etc. • Advise producers and directors about Colombian legislation regarding taxes, financing, hiring, customs, permits, visas, coproduction, etc. • Supply contact with the various businesses, producers, institutions and national and regional authorities related to their productions in order to make their work quicker and more effective. • Facilitate the expedition of National film office permit for filming on national territory and the courtesy visas for cast and crew. • Set-up packages of photographs of locations upon request. • Organize pre-scouts and support recce process in Colombia. • Ensure that producers, directors, cast and crew have the best experience shooting in our country.


Introduce our new incentive law program: "Promoting our national territory as a setting for international film production". The new law sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, PROIMAGENES Colombia and Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism will apply for productions investing a minimum of approximately 500,000 USD (1,800 SMLMV, acronym in Spanish for current monthly minimum wage) in the Country. Law 1556 also sets the Colombian Film Fund (FFC for its Spanish acronym) into action. The fund will be responsible for signing film contracts with legal entities producing films totally or partially on Colombian soil, following prior compliance with requirements included in the Funding Manual. Producers will be required to hire an external auditor to authorize reimbursement of the respective funds following verification by the FFC's administrative body. Start-up fund totaling 25 billion Colombian pesos (approximately 14 million USD) have been earmarked for this purpose in the national budget, meaning the country is preparing for foreign investment of up to 42 million USD in the coming year. The budget for this new fund, along with regulations guiding designation of funds, is expected to be ready for January 2013. Benefit: Cash rebate of 40% on all film service expenditures, and a 20% cash rebate of expenses for hotels, food and transportation.