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«CinemaHall» - International Non-governmental Organization, first in the CIS, specialized in non-formal film education, official representative of the European film network NISI MASA in Ukraine. The purpose is a free exchange of information, experience, creating joint projects by experts and beginners. Erasing age, national, professional boundaries, CinemaHall unites people who cannot live without filmmaking. Currently CinemaHall is running a few projects with the prospective launch of a few more. The projects are listed below. Film club CinemaHall – project that is giving people an opportunity to get practical experience in making films; includes trainings, master classes, workshops, filming practice etc. CinemaHall Screening – project that gives filmmakers an opportunity to show their film(s) to a wide audience and get valuable comments as well as professional reviews. CinemaHall Database – project that helps filmmakers find a team, equipment etc. for making a film.


The company is currently preparing new projects launch, they are the following: CinemaHall Internship – project that allows people get practical experience in film and television fields. The project is intended at providing international, national and regional internships at the film studios, in film and television production. CinemaHall Club – project aimed at the company team, presenters and partners; implies entertaining events and professional development trainings Moreover, opening of the representative offices in Saint Petersburg (Russia) and Bratislava (Slovakia) is planned for the nearest future.