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BUC-FILM is a Prague-based independent film production company headed by a multiple award winning Czech producer Jaroslav Boucek who has during his successful carrier produced over dozen of feature films and more than 30 TV movies and series that all together garnered 19 Czech national movie Awards (Czech Lions) as well as the US Academy Award nomination (Sekal Must Die). Jaroslav Boucek is a member of the European Film Academy, member of the Czech Television and Film Academy presidium


VACLAV HAVEL'S FILM, “LEAVING”, REACHES RECORD RATING DURING CZECH TV PREMIERE. PRAGUE – Friday 23 December 2011. The late playwright, spokesman for Charter 77 and last Czechoslovakian president Vaclav Havel’s directorial debut LEAVING was broadcast on Czech television on 18 December to a record 769,000 viewers, the producers announced today. LEAVING, produced by BUC-FILM in 2011, is a film adaptation of Vaclav Havel´s successful stage play of the same name. It has been translated and performed in 9 languages, in countries like USA, UK and France. He wrote the first version of the play “Leaving” in the summer of 1989, before the changes that occurred in November, which placed him in the highest office of the Czech state (1989-2003). The final version of the play came into being in 2007. “Leaving” was Havel’s first play in 40 years at which he could be present for its preparation and premiere. The film LEAVING is also his directorial debut. He received many national awards, international awards and honorary doctorates for his literary works, for his opinions, and for his lifelong efforts on the observance of human rights. The film was a co-production between Czech Television and Michaela & Zdeněk Bakala and started its festival journey in July in Moscow. Since then, LEAVING has taken place in almost 20 international festivals. Interest about the movie is growing as news spreads about the recent and unfortunate death of its director.