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About Arts Alliance Media Arts Alliance Media, based in London with offices in Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Oslo, Milan and Berlin, is the worldwide leader in digital cinema, offering a complete range of services, as well as VPF financing solutions for digital conversion. These services include installation, maintenance and support for digital cinema systems; world-class software solutions; management and delivery of content to cinemas; and alternative content and live events. AAM has Virtual Print Fee (VPF) agreements in place with all six Hollywood studios and has signed over 3,200 VPF screens in multiple territories, including with many leading exhibitors. AAM's digital cinema software currently touches approximately 15,000 screens worldwide. The London-based Network Operations Centre supports over 5,500 digital screens around the world, and the company’s digital cinema lab has mastered over 2500 titles to date, and shipped hundreds of thousands of DCPs. AAM’s strategic partners


Film Makers Sales Agents Distributors If you are a content owner, we can help you Who We Are Arts Alliance Media is the worldwide leader in digital cinema, offering a complete range of services across distribution and exhibition. What We Do We provide a consultative approach for our clients. Arts Alliance Media are here to help, support and advise. We will work with you on your film and ensure it is delivered on time and budget for your theatrical or downstream releases. Feature & trailer 2D & 3D DCP creation & localisation Territory specific or worldwide DCP creation. 3D subtitling. Localisation with dynamic subtitling and insert sections, and dubbed soundtracks. Deliverables DCP, tape and file deliverables • Creation of film deliverables of all format types. Creation of multiple versions to match the individual requirements of each production partner. DCPs can be provided in encrypted and unencrypted formats to match your delivery schedules. • DCPs, DCDM, DKDMs, tape & disc mediums and textless versions. QC Services Quality control reporting QC reports on source assets, DCPs and other deliverables. • Range of reports available, from DCP compatibility through to full broadcast QC. Cinema screening room available to clients for review and signoff of materials. With digital workflows many films are never projected during production, but it is only when viewed on the scale of a cinema screen that some picture and audio issues become apparent. A source asset QC in our cinema screening room can help identify issues that are not seen in other QC environments. Solutions for film markets and festivals Mastering and delivering secure DCPs for pre-sales, markets & festivals, including subtitling services. Promo reels, works in progress and finished features have all been turned into DCPs by our team. Physical or electronic delivery options for time critical projects. Experience working with festivals and markets worldwide.