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Completed - Drama - 90 minutes

Log Line

The Mutawalli of a rural Bangladeshi mosque opens the Pandora’s Box by declaring ‘Jihad’ against a stupid-box called ‘television’ as he considers watching ‘image’ is un-Islamic.

Previous markets

  • PUSAN 2010 (Debut)
Full history

Year of production : 2011

Director(s) : Mostofa Sarwar FAROOKI
Writer(s) : Mostofa Sarwar FAROOKI, Anisul HOQUE
Producer(s) : Mostofa Sarwar FAROOKI


The story of the film ‘Television’ deals with a basic Islamic thought. According to many Islamic scripts and interpretations, photographic reproduction of any living being is Haram or forbidden. That means, obviously, television would also be ‘Haram’.
Accordingly, the Mutawalli of a Bangladeshi rural mosque declares Jihad against all kind of images- still or moving. Hence Television is also forbidden. From then on, we start experiencing a somewhat funny fight against a stupid box called television. At one end, we keep discovering people’s ever growing crazy interest to watch television and their desperate efforts to fulfill that interest. At the other end, we see the Imam’s relentless effort to keep the villagers away from, what he thought, ‘sin’.
But at the end of the film, ‘Television’, which he hated so much, comes to the rescue and helps the Imam reach a transcendental state where he and his God are unified.


Country(ies) : BANGLADESH

Financing plan : Financing in Place USD 160,000 / PPP Goal Co-production

Festivals and Awards

Dubai DIFF 2012 (Muhr AsiaAfrica Feature Special Mention)

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