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Completed - ENGLISH - Drama - 90 minutes

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1982 is a semi-autobiographical story of a black father whose wife succumbs to a crack cocaine addiction and his efforts to shield his 10-year old daughter from the ill effects of having a drug addicted mother while trying to wean her off of her addiction.

Previous markets

  • Toronto 2013 (Premiere)
Full history

Year of production : 2013

Director(s) : Tommy OLIVER
Writer(s) : Tommy OLIVER
Cast : Hill HARPER, Sharon LEAL, Wayne BRADY, Bokeem WOODBINE, Ruby DEE, La La ANTHONY, Quinton AARON

Producer(s) : Tommy OLIVER (Confluential Films), Heather RAE (Exec Producer), Hill HARPER (Exec Producer)


If the topic of substance abuse has often provided rich fodder for domestic drama, few films have addressed the suffering of an addict's loved ones as lucidly as this. But Oliver also displays deep reserves of empathy and, in Tim, presents a protagonist possessed of extraordinary dignity and forbearance. 1982 marks the emergence of a compassionate and socially conscious new voice.
-Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director TIFF
Set in 1982 in Philadelphia, "1982," inspired by true events, revolves around a father and his efforts to protect his gifted daughter from the insidious crack cocaine epidemic which has literally come home via her drug-addicted mother. As his wife becomes more distant and unreliable, he struggles as a defacto single parent to raise his daughter, still striving to help his wife become clean. In the process, he learns some hard truths about his marriage and his life, which will ultimately test him as a parent, a husband and a man.


Country(ies) : USA

Festivals and Awards

Toronto - TIFF 2013 Special Presentation

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