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Completed - Documentary - 95 minutes

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A musical journey to Naples, one of the biggest jukeboxes in the world, with a treasure chest of songs from the 1200s to present day.

Previous markets

  • Toronto 2010 (Premiere)
  • AFM 2010 (Screening)
  • Berlin EFM 2011 (Screening)
Full history

Year of production : 2010

Director(s) : John TURTURRO


There are places that you go to, and once is enough. And then there is Napoli. We journey through one of the biggest of jukeboxes in the world, a treasure chest of songs, from 1200 to now, conjuring distant stories and myths that still live, a repertoire that speaks of love, sex, jealousy, crime, poverty, irony, superstition, and social protest. Each song is a small screenplay, an emotional postcard sent from a city by the forces driving it.
Passione is a musical adventure that comes directly out of the people, the walls that surround them, and the land they inhabit.


Country(ies) : ITALY

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