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Pre-Production - 99 minutes

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This omnibus feature film tells six different stories from six cities around the world; uncanny occurrences transpire from midnight to four a.m. drawing parallels between Montreal, Paris, Taipei, Pusan, Singapore and the last city on earth...

Year of production : 2010


Six stories evolve among a habitually suicidal girl in Montreal, an SOS crisis listener in Paris, the last desire of an old man in Pusan, a remote Inuit outpost in northern Canada, a mystic Singapore story and an unknown Taipei story. Midnight to Four AM is an omnibus feature film that presents six stories occurring from midnight to dawn about our daily life, or more specifically our nights. Taking place in six different cities, these short films are directed by acclaimed Asian directors and Asian Diaspora directors from Europe and North America. Each story unfolds unique moments captured through an intimate lens looking into a person's life from the most simple to the most complex. The city at night is a space of blurred boundaries and strange trespasses but also of habits and routines. Each story, from a suicidal case to prostitution, portrays an idea, a vision, an engagement, a desire to bring out what lies behind these late hours of the night that culminate in sunrise on our earth. From the most ordinary story to the most unusual, anything could happen. Different places, different protagonists, different habitudes and different points of view are depicted in this multicultural feature film through an innovative combination of the most prominent directors and emerging directors.
The Listener by Ounie LECOMTE (Director/Writer)
At midnight, a man is sitting at a desk with a telephone in front of him. Awaiting a phone call, he is there just for that reason: to answer an anonymous phone call. At last, a ringtone, the voice of a woman...
Viagra by JEON Soo-il (Director/Writer)
An old man, who is living alone near a countryside port, feels his death is near. He desires to see a naked woman before the day arrives. He visits a prostitute’s house with a Viagra pill...
Song from the North(working title) by Zacharias KUNUK
A remote place on earth, far from familiar city life, a last outpost of civilization.
North, where the sky and the land have no boundary, could time have any meaning...?
Fish by LEE Mi-jeong (Director/Writer)
One night, a woman is caught in the act of attempting suicide after talking to her father by long distance call from Korea. Her loft is filled with colors in red and blue as dawn emerges.
The Synopsis of Eric KHOO and the last director will be revealed at PPP.
This omnibus feature film is comprised of six directors consisting of internationally acclaimed and emerging directors. The film is designed to work with three directors from Asia and three diaspora directors of Asian origin, so that through this project and its varying styles, they inspire and learn from each other. All directors are independent in their own right in regards to writing and producing their own films. Eric KHOO is a writer, director and producer from Singapore. He directed My Magic (2008) which was selected for competition at Cannes, the award-winning Be With Me(2005) and Mee Pok Man(1995) which was awarded at Pusan. JEON Soo-il, is a writer, director and producer from Korea. He directed I Am From Pusan(2009) which was selected for competition at San Sebastian Film Festival and With A Girl of Black Soil(2007) which received various prizes from Venice, Deauville and Teheran. Ounie LECOMTE is a French-Korean director and actress who directed A Brand New Life(2009). It was an official selection at both Cannes and Toronto Int’l Film Festival. Zacharias KUNUK is an Inuk-Canadian director and producer. His directing debut Atanarjuat – The Fast Runner(2001) won the Camera d’Or at Cannes and 20 other prizes. In 2006, his The Journals of Knud Rasmussen opened Toronto IFF. He also produced the award-winning Before Tomorrow(2008). LEE Mi-jeong is a Korean-Canadian writer, director and producer. She is the lead producer of this omnibus project. Her works vary from video installations to short films such as Breathe(2008), Turn Around(2008), In Between(2007), I Am The Park(1995).
Midnight to Four AM is an omnibus feature film that combines six stories from six different cities of the world. The idea, first developed as a short film, expanded into a multicultural feature film. Discussions between some of the most prominent Asian directors worldwide helped the idea of spatial distances and disconnection stand out. The concept was formed through each director's immediate enthusiasm for the idea and, of course, friendship for each other. Six directors engaged in creating six different short stories each from their own artistic point of view. The freedom of choice given to each director makes this feature film a combination of genres, swinging from romance to science fiction, brushing on thriller and comedy. The unifying thread that brings fluency to such diverse stories is already in place. This key material will combine these distinctive stories into a touching and powerful feature film. As a challenge, the directors have constricted themselves to the limited timeframe of midnight to four A.M. What might happen in these late hours of the night? What adventures will arise on this same day, during the same hours, in each of the six different cities? Midnight to Four AM is a captivating feature film that shows the collaboration of various artistic minds, working together to build a strong connection between cities with complete respect for each country's moral and cultural values. Furthermore, the goal is to unite people from all around the world and share our diverse identities and common instincts, while the directors’ share and learn from each other’s different styles of filmmaking.

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