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Completed - SPANISH - Action/Adventure, Thriller, Crime - 100 minutes

Log Line

A delivery boy is entangled in a crime he knows nothing about when he agrees to deliver seven boxes for some easy money.

Previous markets

  • Toronto 2012 (Premiere)
  • AFM 2012 (Screening)
  • Ventana Sur 2012 (Screening)
  • Ventana Sur 2013 (Line up)
Full history

Year of production : 2012

Director(s) : Juan Carlos MANEGLIA, Tana SCHÉMBORI
Writer(s) : Juan Carlos MANEGLIA
Cast : Celso FRANCO, Lali GONZALEZ, Manuel PORTILLO, Nico GARCÍA, Victor SOSA

Producer(s) : Estefania ORTIZ


On a Friday night in Paraguay, Victor, a seventeen-year-old who makes a meager living making deliveries within a market by pushing a wheelbarrow, is desperate to make some cash when he gets an unusual proposal: to carry seven boxes of unknown contents in exchange for a torn half of a US hundred dollar bill. The other half is promised to him when he finished the job, which at first appears easy: he simply has to cross the eight blocks of the market. But when other carters are willing to escort the goods for a pittance of the profits, a chase in the dark, secret corridors of the market break out, with both Victor and his pursuers becoming accomplices in a crime about which they know nothing: not the cause, not the victim, not the victimizer, and not the boxes' contents.


Country(ies) : PARAGUAY

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Festivals and Awards

Toronto - TIFF 2012 Discovery
San Sebastian 2012 - New Directors (Euskaltel Youth Award)
Mar Del Plata FF 2012 Competencia Latino Americana
Ventana Sur 2013 Video Library

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