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Development - SPANISH - Drama - 90 minutes

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Chela (60) has led a very secluded life. Only as her long-time partner is sent to prison, she is forced to go out.

Previous markets

  • Cannes 2014 (Debut)
Full history

Year of production : 2015

Director(s) : Marcelo MARTINESSI
Writer(s) : Marcelo MARTINESSI
Producer(s) : Karen FRAENKEL (MIRA)


Asunción, Paraguay, 2001. CHELA (60) and MARTINA (61) have been living together for more than 30 years. As heiresses from prosperous families, they have received enough money to live comfortably without the need to work. But as they both turned 60, the inheritance started to run out.
Chela, painter, remains in the house most of the day, working in her large bright studio. She never wanted to exhibit her paintings and often complaints about the lack of taste of Paraguayans. Martina is the one usually going to the supermarket as well as managing their joint expenses.
With the passage of time and the difficult economic situation, the love relationship between them has worn out and become a succession of long silences. It all gets more complicated as Martina faces prosecution for unpaid debts and has to go to jail.
Chela visits Martina all the time she is allowed to. They meet each other in a communal area where they talk and observe the lives of the other inmates. Chela feels desperate to help secure Martina's release and is obsessed with the bars surrounding her partner, as if she was a criminal.
Chela and Martina had not only inherited money, but also an imbedded belief in the need to keep up appearances, at any cost, due to a very conservative society that accepts them, provided they do not publicly assume their true relationship.
In order to make money for lawyers and her expenses, Chela organizes garage sales and decides to seek a job. But she has never worked before.
Fortuitously, she begins providing a sort of taxi service, with her own car, mainly for older ladies. She offers to transport them to the supermarket, the doctors or to social gatherings. With an increasing insecurity and the fear of kidnapping attacking though the media, Chelas’ unusual service provides comfort to the petty bourgeois of Asunción. That is how she meets ANGY (45), an outgoing woman, to whom she connects instantly.
This new relationship will strongly affect Chela’s life and obliged her to make decisions that she have never faced before.


Country(ies) : PARAGUAY

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