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Completed - Other - Drama, First film - 96 minutes

Log Line

A boy who is believed to bring bad luck leads his family and a couple of ragged misfits through Laos to find a new home. After the calamitous journey, to prove his worth he builds a giant rocket to enter a dangerous competition.

Previous markets

  • Berlin EFM 2013 (Premiere)
  • Cannes 2013 (Screening)
  • AFM 2013 (Line up)
Full history

Year of production : 2013

Director(s) : Kim MORDAUNT
Writer(s) : Kim MORDAUNT
Cast : Sitthiphon DISAMOE, Loungnam KAOSAINAM, Thep PHONGAM, Bunsri YINDI, Sumrit WARIN, Alice KEOHAVONG

Producer(s) : Sylvia WILCZYNSKI (Red Lamp Films)


Laos: A boy (Ahlo, 10), who is believed to bring bad luck, is blamed for a string of disasters. When his family loses their home and are forced to move, Ahlo meets the spirited orphan Kia (9) and her eccentric uncle Purple: an ex-soldier with a purple suit, a rice-wine habit and a fetish for James Brown. Struggling to hang on to his father's trust, Ahlo leads his family, Purple and Kia through a land scarred by war in search of a new home. But bad luck seems to follow Ahlo, and in a last plea to prove he's not cursed, Ahlo builds a giant explosive rocket to enter the most lucrative but dangerous competition of the year: The Rocket Festival. As the most bombed country in the world shoots back at the sky, a boy will reach to the heavens for forgiveness.



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Festivals and Awards

Beijing IFF 2014 Competition

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